Signalling and vehicle control systems are one of the most important elements of railways.

Complex and specialised in nature, they are intrinsic to the safe operation of a transportation network and therefore the designs require qualified and experienced engineers to successfully produce safe, robust, and efficient designs to the Clients’ requirements.

Our signalling team has expertise in working on both legacy signalling systems as well as ATO systems.

Our designers services and experience include:

  • ETCS and CBTC systems
  • Signalling design specifications
  • I/O Circuits
  • Relay tables
  • Control tables
  • Power supply for legacy and new signalling and vehicle control systems
  • Relay and Computer based interlocking design
  • Scheme Plan preparation
  • Level Crossing Design
  • Feasibility of route and capacity improvement studies
  • Correlation and survey
  • Design bonding, cable, and location area plans
  • Implementation strategies and stage work designs

Our signalling experience includes high profile project for Network Rail and London Underground”